The College of Progressive Education Healthcare Lecturer Steven Doyle
The College of Progressive Education Healthcare Lecturer Steven Doyle

My name is Steven Doyle and I have been working as a Healthcare Tutor with The College of Progressive Education for the last 4 years now. I have delivered QQI Healthcare modules level 5 and 6 to hundreds of students with my time in the college.

The college has provided me a perfect working space for the students with the latest IT equipment to deliver subject contents and has provided healthcare teaching equipment to help students to understand  and obtain essential skills in healthcare sector.

Over the last four years I have seen many changes in how the healthcare courses are delivered and it has always been for the better of delivering the module contents for the students.

As a registered nurse I feel very responsible for each of the student’s education as they are some the Ireland’s future healthcare staff. The education we provide is a basic level  until the students go into their work placement and really see their theoretical training come into practice.

It is essential I provide the most current updated best practice information to students as they will be caring for some of the most vulnerable in the caring environment.

I have had numerous students tell me how they have seen everything that has been taught in the classroom they have seen the theory put into their practice in their work placements.

Many have obtained employment in Nursing homes some have obtain full-time employment in some of the acute teaching hospitals in Dublin.

By completing the major healthcare courses students are enabled to obtain full-time employment in a healthcare setting where they can provide direct patient care under supervision of  nursing teams.

A number of my students have went and been accepted into universities to study General, Mental Health Nursing and Midwifery.

In my classes I always ask students to create WhatsApp groups to keep everyone on the same page in case  events happen out of our control and it’s the quickest way to get messages to students. After students have graduated from college they will contact me every so often letting me know how they are getting on with their lives and careers .

Education of new students is really important as they need to know exactly what goes on in healthcare and I expose them to medical imagery and videos and do my best to cover a range of common and uncommon illness and conditions  so they are well prepared when starting their work placement. This is also to help them not to get frightened at any unusual sights they may encounter.

Steven Doyle, Healthcare Tutor for the College of Progressive Education