My online training as an Special Needs Assistant (SNA) at Progressive College in Ireland, in-conjunction with Amicus school in Kenya has really impacted me as a person. I was thrilled by the course outline and the quality of the contents. The material provided was very satisfactory and challenging. I would also like to thank my lecturer for her support and mentorship throughout my studies. Through her feedback and guidance I was able to widen my perspectives and understandings, enabling me to obtain new knowledge and learn new techniques which I could put into practice during my internship.

I feel empowered and ready to work with children with special needs, at the same time I am planning to further my studies and advance my knowledge in order to increase my skills and become aware of any new discovery on how to handle specific individualized needs, improving the wellbeing and learning ability for children with Special Needs in Kenya.

– Alice Adhiambo Brunsnaes, Graduate of the 2021/2022 Special Needs Associate Training Programme