SNA Training Courses

SNA Training- Special Needs Assistant Courses for over 30 Years

The School of Special Needs provides nationally accredited SNA Courses for those wishing to work as a Special Needs Assistant.

Special Needs Assistant Training Programmes

With the introduction of the SNA in schools, children are now able to fully meet their potential thanks to the additional support the SNA provides to children within their care. The faculty has been delivering training in this sector for twenty years.

As educators we believe that it is only through education, knowledge and understanding that the SNA can ensure the child with special needs has the most positive learning experiences through developing both their confidence and independence.

Our SNA courses have continually developed over this time ensuring that our SNA’s are equipped with the most comprehensive portfolio of skills in order to provide positive learning experiences for any child with a specific special need.

Our tutors are highly qualified professionals who are extremely supportive to all our learners as they begin their new journey in the area of special needs assisting. We look forward to supporting you in your further education.

Brenda Hoey, SNA Tallaght

“SNA Course Student Brenda Hoey I knew very quickly after the course commenced that I had made the right decision to gain qualifications in Special Needs Assisting. Our Tutor was very engaging and the course materials are very comprehensive. It was my first time back in a classroom situation for 20 years+ and it gave me a lot of confidence”

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