Progressive College is excited to launch our Professional Diploma courses delivered in class in Dublin City Centre and online

College of Business

Business Managementread more
Financeread more
Taxationread more
Entrepreneurshipread more
Payroll Manual & Computerisedread more
Bookkeeping Manual & Computerisedread more
Spreadsheet Methodsread more
Personal & Professional Development read more
Leadershipread more
Project Managementread more
Supervisory Managementread more
Purchasing & Procurementread more
Customer Serviceread more
Employment Lawread more
Training Delivery & Evaluationread more
Sales Negotiationread more
Communicationsread more
Work Experienceread more

College of IT & Computing

Predictive Data Analysisread more
Python Programmingread more
Java (Standard Edition SE) read more
Java (Enterprise Edition EE)read more
Web Developmentread more
Relational Databasesread more
Networking Infrastructureread more
Cyber-Securityread more

College of Healthcare & Childcare

Social Studiesread more
Recovery in Mental Healthread more
Intellectual Disability Studiesread more
Care of the Older Personread more
Exploring Psychologyread more
Child Psychologyread more
Understanding Children’s Development & Learningread more
Child Health & Well Beingread more
Childminding Practiceread more
Early Childhood Education and Playread more
Special Education Needs read more
Early Childhood Literacy & Numeracyread more
Supervision in Early Childhood Careread more
Understanding Montessoriread more
Working with Adults with Autismread more
Improving End of Life Careread more
Critical Issues in Equality & Diversity read more
Healthcare Practiceread more
Inclusion of Children with Additional Needsread more
Stress Managementread more
Mindfulness & Well-Beingread more
Montessori Pedagogy for 6-9 year oldsread more

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