Progressive College, Dublin Ireland, in cooperation with Amicus College, Nairobi Kenya have developed a new initiative in the training of Special Needs Associates.

Special Needs Associate Programme

We currently have a class of 24 qualified Kenyan primary, secondary and special school teachers enrolled in a distance learning course which leads to the awarding of a Diploma as a Special Needs Associate. This programme has been designed to meet the unique needs of Kenyan educators and assist them in becoming leaders in special education needs. The course is delivered locally in Nairobi by highly skilled educationalists at our East African campus. Participants have access to the Amicus teacher training college library as well as online educational resources. The content of the syllabus is tailored to the interests and needs of Kenyan teachers.

Blended Learning

Online content is recorded on video from Dublin and made available to all participants who are required to complete all the Irish-based learning assignments as well as assignments specific to the realities of the Kenyan educational system. Both Irish and Kenyan tutors are available online and, in the case of Kenyan tutors, in person as needed. The college lecturers are all experts in the respective fields and all have recent, relevant experience working in special education and training teachers. The college sends Irish lecturers to the Amicus campus regularly to facilitate and support the participants learning needs and to offer direct lectures.

About The College

Progressive College is dedicated to the training of Special Needs Assistants in Ireland and Special Needs Associates in East Africa. The college has been in operation for over 30 years, training special needs assistants, child care workers and Montessori teachers.

Amicus Teacher Training College

The Amicus Teacher Training College, Loiyangalani Drive, Nairobi, is a centre of excellence offering a number of programmes designed for African educators wishing to improve their knowledge base and skills in working with children having special education needs.