The College of Progressive Education has now launched our College of Psychology with our sister college City Colleges. We will now offer a range of exciting diplomas, which were developed for those interested in the science of the mind, behaviour and mental wellbeing.  Our courses provide students with a sound understanding of Psychology, which uses science as a basis for understanding our lives and activities.

We are delighted to welcome you to our Psychology faculty.

Psychology is a growing field and is becoming more relevant to many aspects of our lives. It is a way of future-proofing an understanding of our fast-changing world. It provides a greater appreciation of our existence. It helps reduce mental distress, with an efficiency that on average is as effective as medical treatments for physical illnesses. Really knowing the difference between the physical brain and the mind is a great way of gaining an appreciation of both the science of humankind and the experience of being human.

Our Psychology lecturers are highly trained in their subject areas and, importantly, bring extensive experiences of working with people, clients and patients, to their training delivery. This means that our students get an in-depth view of what it is like to work with clients and patients, from the beginning of their training. Also, our lecturers are great communicators and feedback from students is continually monitored, to ensure that you receive exceptionally high-quality training.

Part-Time Courses

Online Courses