QQI intend to deactivate the 5M2009 and 6M2007 major award in December 2023, however Progressive College plans to have the new QQI Early Learning and Care (ELC) programme in place before then.

This planned deactivation is in response to the new award standards for Early Learning and Care (ELC) which have been developed to replace the existing ECCE standards with Early Learning and Care (ELC) Level 5 and Early Learning and Care (ELC) Level 6.

This means that any learner who is planning to enrol or who is currently completing and intends to finish their 5M2009 and 6M2007 ECCE must have completed all modules no later than 30th November 2023 in order to be certified in the QQI December certification period.

There will be no option to extend the programme past this time.

Important: The Level 5 and 6 certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education will still be a recognised qualification in Early Years by the Department of Children, Equality, Diversity, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) and learners who have successfully completed their award by December 2023 will not be required to complete the new ELC award.

Learners who have previously partially completed level 5 or 6 awards should consider enrolling and completing their major award before the programme is deactivated to ensure they can use all of their previously completed components.

Should you have any further questions regarding the Deactivation of the 5M2009 and 6M2007 Major Award please contact us at info@progressivecollege.ie