Purchasing Supply Chain and Logistics Modules

All our of module offerings below can can be purchased individually, or with a combination of other desired modules.

Customise the number of modules you require from the ones listed below.

Available Modules & Pricing

  • Business & Financial Management – 6N2180
  • Supply Chain Environment Management – 6N2182
  • Warehousing & Inventory Management – 6N2187
  • Communications – 6N1950
  • Production Planning & Control – 6N2184
  • Purchasing & Procurement – 6N2183
  • Transport & Distribution – 6N2185
  • Work Experience – 6N1946

€425 per module

20% off when ordering 2 modules.
35% off when ordering 3 modules.
40% off when ordering 4 modules.
50% off when ordering 5 or more modules.

Payment Plans Available. Deposits, Handling Fee and Instalments calculated at checkout after the modules have been added to the cart.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you are ordering less than 3 modules, it is advisable to Pay in Full.  If you select to pay by deposit, you will not get access to the module material until you have paid all instalments in full.

You only get access to Modules prior to the fee being paid in full if you order 3 or more modules when opting to pay by deposit.

Module Aims

Module Objectives

  • Analyse a range of current issues in communications and information technology
  • Understand how to use appropriate non-verbal and visual communication in personal- and work-related settings, to include one-to-one, in a group/team, and in formal and informal interaction & various communication styles
  • Develop research, verbal, listening and reading skills and use these skills during the course
  • Create an awareness of the elements of legislation in a personal and/or work context, to include health, safety and welfare at work and communications-related legislation
  • Develop a critical awareness of the changing nature of the working environment
  • Set achievable goals for work experience and utilise learning opportunities presented in the work environment
  • Understand how work is planned and organised at different levels in a specific fields and appreciate the importance of safety and welfare in the workplace
  • Develop capabilities, both personal and vocational, to successfully meet challenges in the workplace and critically assess future career options
  • Gain hands on practical experience of working in a particular environment, how to evaluate their own performance of carrying out tasks and document their experiences.
  • Research current employment & qualification trends as well as enhancing personal communication skills.