How do I apply?

You can apply for our Healthcare Courses in a number of ways. 1) You can fill in an application form online and pay your deposit through PayPal or by credit card over the phone. 2) You can request an application form which will be posted out to you which you return with your deposit/full fee.

Where do I carry out my work experience for healthcare courses?

The Level 5major award programmes require 240 hours’ work experience. Individual modules require at least 30 hours. The best places to carry out work experience are in nursing homes, hospitals and some day care centres. You must be supervised at all times by a registered nurse and you will be required to have some practical skills demonstrations assessed by a registered nurse also. For this reason unsupervised work in the home of a private individual is not permitted.

What is the difference between the Healthcare Support award course and the Nursing Studies course?

The Healthcare Support award is intended for individuals who wish to work as healthcare assistants in hospitals, nursing homes, day care centres and in home care. The Nursing Studies award qualifies learners to work in these areas but also covers all the modules required for entry to nursing degree programmes in higher education institutions such as universities and institutes of technology. The College programme includes all modules required for either award and you may decide which award to opt for at the end of your course.

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If I am caring for a family member do I need to do work experience as well?

Yes you must do work experience in a suitable healthcare setting so that you can be mentored by qualified staff and so that some of your practical assessments can be marked by a registered nurse.

When do I start my work experience?

You can start your work experience once you have completed the Garda vetting process and a patient manual handling course which is provided by the College.

Do I find my own work placement?

It is best if learners arrange their own work placement so that it is conveniently located for them. The College will provide you with a list of suitable nursing homes or hospitals. We will also provide you with a letter of introduction to the work placement confirming you are attending the course, your start and finish dates and the modules you will be covering. We will also provide you with an insurance letter and confirm that Garda vetting has been applied for on your behalf.

What is the difference between the Healthcare Support award and the Care of the Older Person course?

The Healthcare Support/Nursing Studies award consists of 8 QQI modules. It is the full qualification required to work as a care assistant in nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare settings.

The Care of the Older Person course is a single QQI Level 5 module. It is a very good introduction to working as a care assistant but most care centres will require learners to complete the full award at a later stage.

Does the College charge additional fees for exams and course materials?

No. The course fee quoted on our website is the total fee for your course. There will be no additional costs for exams, course materials or for any other reason. 

Are Patient Manual Handling and Occupational First Aid included in the course fee?

Both Patient Manual Handling and Occupational First Aid are included in the course fee for QQI Level 5 major award programmes. There is no additional charge. They are not included in the Care of the Older Person single module course.

If I study the Level 5 Nursing Studies award how can I progress to a nursing degree?

Universities and institutes of technology offering nursing degree programmes set aside a quota of places for QQI applicants each year. The number of places available in each college can be seen on the CAO (Central Applications Office) website. Students can apply for nursing programmes through the CAO. Applications must be in by 1st February each year.

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How do I get my results to the CAO if I am applying for a higher education programme?

QQI sends results of all learners who have achieved QQI awards to the CAO in July each year in time for offers of places in higher education in August. Further information can be found here 

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