QQI Level 6 Training & Development (Train The Trainer) is Delivered Through the Following Channels:

Course Overview

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QQI Level 6 Training Delivery and Evaluation [6N3326]

QQI Level 6 Training Needs Identification and Design [6N3325]


Course Units:

Course Unit Unit Title
Unit 1 Theory of Training and Adult Learners
Unit 2 The Role of the Trainer
Unit 3 Training Needs Analysis and Programme Design
Unit 4 Preparing for Training Delivery
Unit 5 Delivery and Assessment
Unit 6 Evaluation of Training Delivery
Unit 7 Internal and External Environmental Factors Influencing Training and Development
Unit 8 Examine the impact of organisation strategy, policy, vision, and mission on training and development
Unit 9 The benefits of training needs analysis at an organisation and or individual level and the range of approaches to training needs analysis
Unit 10 The stages in conducting a training needs analysis and evaluating a range of performance management approaches in the context of identifying training and development needs
Unit 11 Conducting a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to identify training and development needs for an organisation and/or an individual
Unit 12 Assessing a range of Instructional System Design (ISD) models
Unit 13 Applying a comprehensive range of specialised skills and tools in identifying the barriers to training and attitudes to training in an organisation
Unit 14 Designing a training intervention, that incorporates a range of design factors to include trainees, adult learning theories, motivation theories, objectives, exercises, training methods, learning aids, location, and facilities
Unit 15 Developing appropriate training content and materials using a range of learning aids to include web-based facilities, software, flip charts, and handouts
Unit 16 Devising a training plan based on prioritised training needs to include a cost-benefit analysis


Entry Requirements:

The minimum age is 17 Years. All learners must have a good standard of English.

Timetable For Each Delivery Channel


Dublin 2 City Centre Open for EnrolingSpring 202220 weeks
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