Early Learning and Care

Notice of Deactivation of the Level 5 & 6 Early Childhood Care and Education major award (5M2009) and (6M2007).

QQI intend to deactivate the 5M2009 and 6M2007 major award in December 2023, however Progressive College plans to have the new QQI Early Learning and Care (ELC) programme in place before then. This planned deactivation is in response to the new award standards for Early Learning and Care (ELC) which have been developed to replace...

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How the SNA facilitates Movement and Sensory Breaks.

What are Movement and Sensory Breaks? Movement and sensory breaks may be conducted together or individually, and sometimes these terms are used interchangeably however movement and sensory breaks are two different things and it is important that we are aware of what each type of break entails.  Movement breaks often take place inside the classroom...

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